L’oreal elvive re-nutrition

Yesterday ,I was aimlessly exploring the local Manor here in the cantone of Ticino, Switzerland and I ended up (surprise, surprise) in one of my favorite sections besides cosmetics… the hair product section! My eyes went up and down the various different products in front of me and landed on L’oreals hair product line. Unfortunately, these products(and many other products here in Switzerland) don’t have any labels in Italian or English or spanish for that matter. Sooo,I was brave and decided on the most fit looking product for my curly, mixed hair. Luckily, french has some similar cognates to italian, so I could guesstimate which product would do the job.

I selected: L’oreal elvive re-nutrition in the yellow container.

I only purchased the conditioner and hair mask creme, but the toal (in swiss francs) came to approximately 20fr. The hair mask creme was particularly pricey, for 12.50fr a pop… but I figure I’d try it anyways, since I wasn’t satisfied with a recent Sunsilk purchase. =/

When I took it home, and smelled it, I was presently surprised. Like the color of the container, the fragrance matched perfectly. The fragrance is similar to sweet honey, and maybe I could even say a bit of a tropical smell blended in.

I used these products together, this morning for the first time. After my shower, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the product. Initially, it felt as if it’d be drying. Luckily, I was wrong. A few hours after my hair dried (I air dry/ blow dry my hair), my hair smelled wonderful, my hair was voluminous and my curls were defined and glossy. So far, I’m very satisfied and L’oreal can be expecting another purchase from me in the near future. I will keep you updated however on the progress of this product, seeing as products can have drastic affects on hair. Until then, goodnight! Ciao. 🙂

Out of 10, this product gets an 8/10 for it’s wonderful smell and curl defining power. 🙂


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