Hair Growth: July 2011 vs July 2012

Its been ages since I’ve posted in here! Yet, I somehow navigated this here old blog once again and am eager to fulfill my desire to once and for all be the #naturalhair blogger I’ve always wanted to be! I figure what better way to come back to this blog than with a one year hair growth update?

I couldn’t help noticing the amount of growth I’ve had in the last year, despite trimming nearly 3″ of yucky split-ends.

Photo credit for the first photo goes to a lovely photographer, New Yorker and fellow college alum: Kadeema Buffy Kasim. Apologies for the inconsistency of the two photos, but you get the picture, yes?


July 2011

ImageJuly 2012

I’m quite excited for this continuation on my “natural hair journey”. I would like to continue updating this blog with product reviews and sharing my own personal experience with the natural hair community via this blog. I do however must warn, I am by no means a professional or have any expertise. This is merely a platform for me to express myself and enjoy this as a hobby. 🙂



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