The Importance of ROUTINE

Life has been exciting this past month. So many great opportunities have arisen in my direction and I’ve taken advantage of them in every way possible. Recently, I found myself frantically trying to get myself out the door for my first day of my new job. I nearly sprained my ankle in my attempt at looking cute for the first day of work with shoes and clothes all over my once pristine floor. After feeling like I had lost my mind as I messily got myself together, I realized this wasn’t fun, this was stressful and I obviously knew there was an easier more organized way to get ready.

So many people nowadays work multiple jobs with unpredictable schedules, leaving many of us out of sync and out of routine. I know when I’m all over the place, I find myself more exhausted and overall a feeling of disconnect. Fall is a great time of year to revisit and edit my daily regimen.  I like to organize my schedule by the amount of time it takes me to do each chore instead of waking up at a specific time, as my work schedule is tentative and ever-changing.

I split my schedule into night/day so that I can allocate enough time to do everything. I like to have this amount of time so that I don’t feel rushed and so that I feel refreshed.

This is what my routine in preparation for work tends to look like:





(1)    30 minutes: Nightly yoga or jog

(2)    10 minutes: Hang my clothing up for the following day

(3)    15 minutes: The night before I shower, and sleep with a microfiber hair turban

(4)      3 minutes: brush teeth

Total time: 58 minutes





(1)    5 minutes: get dressed

(2)    10 minutes: wash face and then apply make-up

(3)    10 minutes: style hair

(4)    3 minutes: brush teeth

(5)    20-30 minutes: prepare and eat breakfast

(6)    10-15 minutes: check e-mail, social media and news

Total time:  1 hour and 23 minutes


What does your routine look like?


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