On a “No Heat Challenge” – My 5 month celebration!

Hello all!

Sorry its been a while, but life has been SO exciting and hectic in these last few weeks that I was overlooking my BLOG… I know, shameful! But I’ve been itching (no, not dry flaky scalp itching lol) to write about the “no heat challenge” I decided to partake in starting in May 2012! It has officially been 5 whole months since I started that challenge and I can proudly announce I have not used ONE heat tool (including blow dryers) for FIVE whole months. I’ve worn my curly hair loud and proud! And better yet? I still don’t want to. I want to see if I can make it to half a year, or 6 months, which I know shouldn’t be too difficult.;)

Furthermore, I  wanted to share with you all a gem I stumbled upon on youtube! A video demonstrating how to achieve straight hair WITHOUT heat. I follow loads of youtubers, some younger than myself, some older, because we can obviously get advice from all walks of life. This particular youtuber is young, yet so knowledgeable. Check out her video! I think this works well with curly or wavy hair. It works somewhat well with my hair, but my hair has a tendency to frizz, so, eh.

What do you all think? Have you ever experimented with this technique?


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