Trim and layers!


Its been a while, but I wanted to update about my recent trip to the hair salon I had a week ago. I usually trim my own hair but decided that getting layers deserved a trip to the salon in case you know, I got too scissor happy and ruined my length.

Interestingly enough, I’ve noticed a halt in growth but rather my hair thickening overall. Not sure if the growth has slowed down because of stress or other reasons I can’t control (ie: genetics).

My hair salon experience at Salon Santa Cruz overall was great! Salon Santa Cruz is located just a few blocks away from Penn Station NYC. My hair dresser, Jackie, gave my hair a nice wash and dry then began to trim in sections without messing with my length. My hair has a lot more body now and I’m content.

Do you trim your own hair or do you get it done professionally?


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