Back and ready!

lipstick_picI have been tremendously busy these last few months and have neglected the very thing I love to do: beauty and hair blogging.

It’s a shame really, especially since both of these things continue to be a huge part of my life. I wanted to inform those of you that follow, that I will be back with quite a few product reviews, fashion styling and hair updates. I just can’t not update like this anymore.

These past few months, I’ve (of course) kept up with other natural hair bloggers/youtubers/vloggers and fashion/beauty gurus in my spare time. Let’s just say there is a lot of inspiration out there and I’m starting to feel it again.

Can’t wait to report back and have a pic or two of my hair since its been a while!



My Five Fashion Favs for Fall/Winter

Edition: Bright & Comfortable

First off, Happy 1st of December! Hope everyone made out ok this November. I know many places, particularly in the US, have been experiencing record breaking weather and unfortunate storm damage.

There are some things I’ve been wearing repeatedly this time of year and I wanted to share with you all some of my favorites!

1.) Maxi skirts & Peplum skirts: This stripped skirt from The Loft is made of cotton and is extremely comfortable. I’ve been pairing this frequently with a chunky knit sweater in a variety of different colors since the colors on this skirt are neutral. This red peplum skirt is from H&M and can really dress up an outfit. I love wear black tights and black knee-high flat boots with this skirt.


2.) Minnetonkas: These are classic and practical. I have been leaning more on the side of comfort during this cold and very stormy fall in the tri-state area. These are easy to slip on and get out the door in, and it is especially beneficial that it feels like I’m walking on clouds because of the amazing insoles.


3.) Colored Denim: It’s fun, bright and comfortable. On days that I’m not feeling neutral, or gray (no pun intended), I like to add a pop of color. The colder months are a great time to add some bright (and happy) colors to your outfit. A color I’m loving this time of year is teal! These pants are from Zara kids! (Hey, it’s cheaper!)


4.) Zip Cardigan: Cardigans are a classic layering piece to help keep you warm. Change it up a little by using traditional button-up cardigans and get a zipper look instead. I love the look of a zipper cardigan because it combines a jacket and a cardigan. This one is from The Loft.


5.) Goody Ouchless barrettes: I’ve been trying to wear more protective styles this season, too since its been so cold. I usually use hair ties, but I wanted to change it up a bit. I watch kimmaytube on Youtube and she sold these on her online store. I decided to get them from Walgreens though since they’re considerably cheaper there. I can pull my hair up in a bun, a low ponytail, half-down half-up hair do and more. I love this also because it has no metal and doesn’t pull on my hair when I try to remove it.


What fashion item are you sporting this season? And why is it your favorite?

*Picture credit from:,, & and edited by myself.

Back to school hair accessories – starring Quoise Inc!

September is slowly but surely approaching and for many of us that means ‘so long summer‘ or until next year, at least. During this transitional period of back to school or back to work, many of us update our wardrobes to help us shift more smoothly into the next season. For many of us, we update our clothing – that’s what I usually like to do.

Years prior, my hair and its style was put on the backburner despite the fact that hair accessories are a great way to change up ones’ style. I’m not one for intricate hairstyles because simply put, I don’t have the time (or patience!) What I like to do to change up the appearance of my hair is wear headbands. There are an array of styles to choose from and all hair textures, hair lengths and hair colors can play around with them. They can make any ol’ LBD or plain t-shirt look chic.

I recently stocked up on some hair accesories from Forever21 since they always have a wide range to choose from and they often sell styles that correspond with ongoing trends. They’re also an inexpensive way to update your fashion and (safely) experiment with trends without having to splurge. All of these were between $1.80 and $5.80 – all steals!

I also like to support smaller businesses and start-ups and purchase from individual sellers when possible. I am a HUGE etsy fan, btw!  My college friend Ashlie Butler (a truly inspiring lady!) held a trunk show for her new company, Quoise ( at Henri Bendel’s on 5th avenue – an amazing accomplishment! Here I am rocking a beautiful purple stone headband, handmade by her!  This is definitely my favorite hair accessory in my collection. Follow the company on twitter: @QuoiseInc

And last but not least, I love BIG ol’ scrunchies. This one was gifted to me for my birthday from my grandmother. Its got a beautiful Africanesque (for lack of a better word) design on it. My all-time favorite hairstyle is throwing my curly/kinky hair up in a bun and going. It’s quick, cute and chic! Scrunchies are also a great alternative to the hair band, which can also tug at the roots of my hair and pull my edges (eek!)

Are you changing up your hair wardrobe for the coming school/work year? If  so, what hair accessory in particular?