Scrunchie Power! My (not so) Secret Obsession


Scrunchies have managed to creep their way back into mainstream fashion in the last few years. They were on the runway for Marc Jacobs three years ago, worn by Hilary Clinton last year (and scrutinized ) and who could forget their presence during the Olympics when all of the young female gymnasts sporting one to match their leotard attracted lots of public attention. Whether or not the scrunchy is on trend or not has not deterred my liking for them.

Here I am sporting my Goody brand scrunchies in my favorite go-to hairstyle: a bun and a high ponytail:


Now let’s rewind to the early 90s…

I used to wear these back in the 90s when I was young gymnast and dancer. They were a go-to hair accessory to ensure my locks didn’t get in the way of my art form. I had them in loads of colors and they did a great job of keeping my hair tucked away while also not being too rough on my fragile and naturally dry brittle hair.
Interestingly enough, after researching a bit online, I discovered the scrunchy was originally invented in 1986 by a woman by the name of Rommy Revson. Rumor has it, she created the scrunchy for herself in order to have a hair tie that wouldn’t snag or pull on her fragile her. By sewing fabric around the elastic, the fabric would act as a barrier between the elastic as to not pull or snag in the hair. Cool stuff. makes sense as to why I’ve chosen to adopt the scrunchy into my hair care regimen.
I have accumulated a pretty solid collections of plain, but colorful scrunchies ranging from black to blue to yellow to green. They aren’t crazy or festive, just meant for their original, intended job. I wear the scrunchies when I pineapple my hair at night. But not only that, when I’m in a rush and have to go off to work or out with friends or family, I put one on my wrist in case of a hair emergency. I personally think they’re cute and practical. They can look chic and not overdone if worn a certain way.
My main reason for liking them? They are gentle on my hair and have YET to get tangled up in my curly hair!
I love my scrunchies and the look of them in my hair despite much public disdain for the look. In the end,  for me they’re practical and comfy. And I am a 90s kid after all, so I might as well embrace it! What is your take on scrunchies?

My Five Fashion Favs for Fall/Winter

Edition: Bright & Comfortable

First off, Happy 1st of December! Hope everyone made out ok this November. I know many places, particularly in the US, have been experiencing record breaking weather and unfortunate storm damage.

There are some things I’ve been wearing repeatedly this time of year and I wanted to share with you all some of my favorites!

1.) Maxi skirts & Peplum skirts: This stripped skirt from The Loft is made of cotton and is extremely comfortable. I’ve been pairing this frequently with a chunky knit sweater in a variety of different colors since the colors on this skirt are neutral. This red peplum skirt is from H&M and can really dress up an outfit. I love wear black tights and black knee-high flat boots with this skirt.


2.) Minnetonkas: These are classic and practical. I have been leaning more on the side of comfort during this cold and very stormy fall in the tri-state area. These are easy to slip on and get out the door in, and it is especially beneficial that it feels like I’m walking on clouds because of the amazing insoles.


3.) Colored Denim: It’s fun, bright and comfortable. On days that I’m not feeling neutral, or gray (no pun intended), I like to add a pop of color. The colder months are a great time to add some bright (and happy) colors to your outfit. A color I’m loving this time of year is teal! These pants are from Zara kids! (Hey, it’s cheaper!)


4.) Zip Cardigan: Cardigans are a classic layering piece to help keep you warm. Change it up a little by using traditional button-up cardigans and get a zipper look instead. I love the look of a zipper cardigan because it combines a jacket and a cardigan. This one is from The Loft.


5.) Goody Ouchless barrettes: I’ve been trying to wear more protective styles this season, too since its been so cold. I usually use hair ties, but I wanted to change it up a bit. I watch kimmaytube on Youtube and she sold these on her online store. I decided to get them from Walgreens though since they’re considerably cheaper there. I can pull my hair up in a bun, a low ponytail, half-down half-up hair do and more. I love this also because it has no metal and doesn’t pull on my hair when I try to remove it.


What fashion item are you sporting this season? And why is it your favorite?

*Picture credit from:,, & and edited by myself.